Whitewater kayaking on the Colorado River near Dotsero Colorado.

5 Day Beginner Kayak River Series

5 day class $500 per person


The ultimate in learning to kayak whitewater, in this series you will go from zero to hero as a whitewater kayaker.

This five day intensive course includes all of our beginner classes from basics in the lake to the finer points of style and safety on the river.

Lesson #1 is all about learning the basics of kayaking.  During this course you will learn the wet exit, four main kayaking fundamentals, paddling strokes, bracing, bow rescues and more. 

Lesson #2 is how to maneuver your boat on the river by using peel outs, eddy turns and ferrying.  You will spend the day learning all the skills needed to get your way down the river in a controlled manner. 

The focus of Lesson #3 is learning how to read the river and figure out where to go.  During this day we do a long river trip learning hydrology and practicing the skills learned.  Now that you know how to move down and read a river it is time to learn about what to do when things don’t go as planned. 

Lesson #4 is a basic swiftwater rescue course where you learn basic swimming techniques, how to throw and catch ropes and how to deal with common mistakes made as a beginner.  The final

Lesson #5 sets you up for success in paddling with your new found friends.  In this course you will learn everything you need to know about running a trip with friends. By the end of the five day series you will feel solid on class III water and will be ready for more exhilarating kayak adventures!

Class schedule:

Friday - Lesson 1 -  8:30am - 2:30pm, Chatfield State Park, Littleton, CO

Saturday - Lesson 2 - 9am - 3pm, Colorado River, Dotsero, CO

Sunday - Lesson 3 - 9am - 3pm, Colorado River, Glenwood Springs, CO

Saturday - Lesson 4 - 9am - 3pm, Colorado River, Dotsero, CO

Sunday - Lesson 5 - 9am - 3pm, river TBD, Glenwood Springs area

Lessons run rain or shine, so check out our recommended gear list for suggestions on what to bring to be prepared.

Additional Information

 2019 Dates available through link below. To reserve classes, please use the discount code or call the office to book, after selecting dates from the calendar link below. 303-988-2943

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